Photo sharing services should make it easy to upload and share your pictures with friends and family, or post them on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. The best online photo albums offer editing tools, lots of storage space, password protected access, the ability to buy and sell prints, photo gifts and other conveniences.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate photo sharing services.

•Feature Set – The top–notch websites offer numerous practical features that help upload, post, share and print photographs, network with other photographers and browse photo galleries by keyword or date. •Ease of Use of the Service – Like other Internet–based services, online photo albums should be user–friendly. Anyone should feel comfortable using the service and the tools it provides regardless of their knowledge of computers and the web. •Help/Support – First–class photo sharing websites provide adequate help and support in the form of tutorials and FAQs, and offer a number of ways, like email, web forms and a phone number, to contact customer service.

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