In the comic Oni Double Feature #1, a story titled "Walt Flanagan's Dog" appears and tells the adventure of Jay and Silent Bob having an encounter with Walt Flanagan's dog, Krypto.


While Jay and Silent Bob deal outside RST Video, Randal Graves calls the cops on them. The duo leaves and ends up smoking a bowl with Walt Flanagan's dog (Flanagan and Steve Dave are practicing strip comic book trivia at the time) The dog gets a "stoner boner" and chases them around New Jersey after Silent Bob pokes it. By the time the dog cools down, it is dawn. Jay and Bob then decide to go to the Eden Prairie Mall for an Orange Julius.

In the AskewniverseEdit

Chronologically, the comic takes place first in the View Askewniverse. It leads into Mallrats.

Askewniverse ReferencesEdit

  • The comic features a strip where we see an ambulance in front of the local YMCA. This is a reference to Julie Dwyer's death mentioned in Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy.
  • Dante is talking to Veronica, his girlfriend from Clerks, on the phone in the beginning of the comic. They discuss a game show at the Eden Prairie Mall, a reference to Mallrats
  • In Mallrats, Jay refers to the events of the comic after being chased by Lafours, saying he is "faster than Walt Flanagan's dog".

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