Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith is a collection of essays written by screenwriter, director, and comic book author Kevin Smith. It is a collection of his writings from various sources, including Arena Magazine, Details, New Jersey Monthly, and Film Comment. Topics range from polemic assaults on pop culture figures to reflections on Spider-Man and his diagnosis with morbid obesity.

In addition, the book features interviews with Tom Cruise and Ben Affleck, as well as reports written during the various production phases of his films Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey Girl.

The title refers to Silent Bob, a character Smith portrayed in his New Jersey films. The book was a success, seeing three printings for Miramax Books [1].

In An Evening With Kevin Smith, Smith mentioned that if he ever published a book, it would have Tim Burton's quote on it that "I'd especially never read anything written by Kevin Smith." When asked why he didn't put this quote on this book he responded "What can I say? Total missed opportunity there. My bad." [2]

The first edition of the book has ISBN 1-4013-5973-6.

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