Seth Rogen's ListEdit

  • My back hair will be gross.
  • I will sweat on her.
  • She will look disgusted for the whole scene.
  • I start crying (like I normally do during sex).
  • She starts crying.
  • I will make strange and off-putting sexual faces.
  • I overdose on breath mints and deodorant.
  • The cameraman refuses to shoot the scene.
  • I wind up on (celebrity nude website) 'Mr. Skin' or 'Mrs. Skin,' if there is one.
  • Her husband murders me.
  • I have pimples on my tushy.
  • Passing gas.
  • My arms give out and I crush her.
  • The ol' involuntary arousal.

Elizabeth Banks' ListEdit

  • Giggle fits.
  • Beard burn.
  • My mother seeing it.
  • Too much saliva when we kiss and a line of drool between our mouths when we pull apart.
  • Seth's sweat stinging my eyes.
  • My father seeing it.
  • DVD freeze-frame.
  • I go tongue, he goes close-mouthed.
  • Two words: nipple slips.
  • Two more words: back fat.
  • My father-in-law seeing it.
  • Body makeup giving me the 'Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton' orange tan.
  • And finally: explaining myself to my future children.