Rebbecca Scott, typically referred to as Becky, or Becks by Dante Hicks and Randal Graves, is a lead female character in Clerks II. She is played by Rosario Dawson.

A manager at the Mooby's, Becks only took a job at the restaurant temporarily, with the intention of earning money for the chemotherapy of her uncle. As his treatment continued, she remained for years until she moved up to become the establishment's boss. She resents the job, openly expressing her intention to leave as soon as her uncle recovers.

She is fairly open with her sexual experiences, speaking comfortably with Dante on the subject of ass-to-mouth acts. She still withholds the fact that she has done the act herself, however, only revealing it to Dante when she mistakenly believes Randal to be out of earshot. She loudly relates a story of having to serve a man she gave oral sex to after Junior Prom in high school in front of several customers, and explains her disbelief in romantic love, instead deciding that life and relationships are about "fucking as much as possible;" accusing society of peddling marriage and families in order to sustain the economy.

Since the arrival of Dante and Randal at the Mooby's, she grew a connection with the former, while frequently arguing with the latter, sometimes taking advantage of her higher position to force Randal to do trivial tasks around the restaurant. As the Mooby's is usually quite empty, she spends most of her day in her office with Dante, talking while he paints her toe-nails. It is revealed that a few weeks before the events of Clerks II, she and Dante got drunk and had sex on Randal's food preparation table. She becomes pregnant with his child, but has no problem keeping it a secret from Dante's fiancee Emma. Dante later reveals his love for her, which, after some time, she reciprocates despite her declarations against the notion of romantic love. After Emma sees the two kissing and leaves Dante, he proposes to Becks in the Mooby's drive through, to which she says yes. She is last seen visibly pregnant, helping Dante and Randal restore the Quick Stop.