Before settling on "Star Whores" as the name for their porn, the cast come up with several other options. The film they ultimately end up making is "Swallow My Cockuccino."

  • Edward Penishands
  • An American Werewolf in Brenda
  • Fuckback Mountain
  • Lawrence of Alabia
  • Dawn of the Dick
  • Close Encounters with the Turd from Behind
  • Star Sex II: The Wrath of Cunt
  • Star Sex III: The Search for Cock
  • A Cock-In-Lips Now
  • Coccunt (spoof of Coccoon)
  • Invasion of the Potty-Snatchers
  • Star Whores
  • Star Whores: The Empire Strikes Ass
  • Star Whores: Return of the Brown-Eye
  • Star Whores: The Phantom Man-Ass
  • Star Whores: Revenge of the Shit The All-Anal Final Chapter
  • Swallow My Cockuccino
  • Swallow My Cockuccino II Make It Foamy
  • Deleted- I Want You To Fuck My Ass Right Now
  • Deleted- People Fucking
  • Deleted- Felch
  • Deleted- American Booty
  • Deleted- Creamgirls
  • Deleted- E.T. The Extra Testicle
  • Deleted- Battleslut Galacticock
  • Deleted- Lord of the Cock Ring
  • Deleted- Cocock (Alternate of Cocunt)
  • Deleted- Internal Cumshot of the Spotless Cock
  • Deleted- It's A Wonderful Pipe
  • Deleted- Raiders of the Lost Cock
  • Deleted- Sperms of Endearment
  • Deleted- Kindergarten Cock
  • Deleted- The Cock
  • Deleted- Total Recock
  • Deleted- Schindler's Piss
  • Deleted- Big Trouble in Little Vagina
  • Deleted- Bare Clit Project

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