Lance Dowds appears in the film Clerks II. He was portrayed by Jason Lee.

Lance went to high school with Dante Hicks and Randal Graves. In his freshman year, Lance went through an initiation process created by the senior class, in which he was forced to insert a pickle into his anus and walk ten feet. If the pickle was to fall out, he had to take a bite out, reinsert it, and try again until successful. After taking four bites (although in a deleted scene Lance reveals that it was actually 3 bites) of the pickle, Lance was able to walk the ten feet. However, from that day, he was known by the nickname "Pickle Fucker", and the relentless teasing of his classmates caused him to become an angry and bitter person.

After graduating high school, Lance became an Internet multi-millionaire through a search engine (the fictitious "") he created which allowed users to find items for the lowest prices online. The site was sold to for $20 million, a fact he proudly dangles in front of his former tormentors as revenge.