Hooper LaMante (a.k.a Hooper X) is a character from Chasing Amy, notable for being one of the first black characters in the View Askewniverse. He was played by Dwight Ewell. He is named after Richard Dreyfuss' character in Jaws, of which Kevin Smith is a huge fan.

Chasing Amy Edit

In Chasing Amy, he appears on a panel discussion at a comic convention for his comic book "White Hating Coon". In front of his fans, Hooper displays a violent, Spike Lee-esque anti white man attitude. During the panel, he gets into an argument with audience members and fellow comic book creators Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards over the Star Wars trilogy, culminating in his declaration that the trilogy is racist because the implication of Darth Vader's black mask being removed to reveal an old white man suggests that all black people secretly want to be white. Banky asks "But isn't that true?" upon which Hooper pulls out a gun, knocks over the podium and "shoots" Banky while screaming "Black rage! Black rage!" The audience clears out and the whole thing is revealed to be a hoax played on the fans by Hooper, Banky and Holden. When the three are by themselves, Hooper reveals his true personality; a somewhat effeminate gay man. Also during this time, another comic creator Alyssa Jones is introduced to Banky and Holden by Hooper, which starts the main story line.

Later in the movie, Holden and Banky arrive at a club after being invited by Hooper, who works at the bar. During that night, Banky and Holden realize that Hooper is not the only gay person at the club when they see Alyssa kiss a fellow female clubber.

Hooper and Holden are later seen shopping for CDs, where Holden seeks advice on how to deal with his "more than friendly" relationship with Alyssa. He responds with trying to respect Alyssa’s sexuality and trying to not worry about it.

Other Appearances Edit

Hooper is seen again at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, walking out of the premiere of the Bluntman and Chronic: The Movie with Banky. While Banky is in shock of the fact that the movie will ruin him, Hooper says that the movie was like "watching Batman and Robin all over again". In a cut scene that extends their appearance, it is revealed that the two are dating, with Banky being slightly ashamed and closeted about his homosexuality.

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