Emma Bunting appears in a supporting role in Clerks II. She is played by Jennifer Schwalbach-Smith, Kevin Smith's wife.

Emma is engaged to Dante Hicks. It is established that she met Dante after he began working at the Mooby's restaurant, meaning their relationship and time dating until engagement lasted less than a year. Emma was the typical popular, attractive, rich girl in high school, leading her to a series of disappointing relationships as she dated the popular guys. She eventually learned to seek the "unconventional" men for a relationship, leading her to Dante.

The events of Clerks II take place a day before Emma and Dante are to leave for Florida. When they arrive, they will temporarily reside in Emma's parent's house until the wedding. As a wedding gift, the couple will be given their own house by Emma's parents, and Dante is to manage one of many car washes, of which Emma's father owns a chain.

She legitimately loves Dante, often putting up with annoyances such as Randal Graves and a general disdain for New Jersey in order to be with him. Her controlling personality, however, leads to conflict, despite Dante's tendency to be indecisive. Against their previous plans to set a wedding date after arriving in Florida, Emma decides on a date herself and creates wedding invitations without Dante's immediate knowledge. Her relationship with Dante ends when she arrives late at Mooby's restaurant with a cake, only to walk in on Dante and Becky Scott in a passionate kiss. She angrily assaults him and throws the cake in his face (at the suggestion of Jay), and leaves, throwing her engagement ring at Becky.

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