Elias Grover appears in the film Clerks II. He was portrayed by Trevor Fehrman. He is a 19-year-old born again Christian employee at the Mooby's fast food restaurant in Leonardo, New Jersey. Elias is obsessed with both The Lord of the Rings and Transformers and is subjected to Randal's jokes and abuse.

Randal frequently taunts Elias for his "born again"-esque Christian beliefs, mocking his descriptions of Bible camp and scaring him by singing King Diamond songs, which Jay promptly joins in.

Elias claims to have a girlfriend called Myra Hodgekiss, but he confides in Randal that they have not consummated their relationship because she convinced him that she has a troll hidden in her vagina named "Pillow-pants" and one in her mouth named "Listerfiend." The trolls, Elias believes, will bite off anything he puts in her vagina or mouth before her 21st birthday. However, Elias appears to have previously unknown sexual fetishes, such as when he drunkenly masturbated at a donkey show.

At the end of the film, he applies for a job at RST Video and becomes a clerk there after Dante Hicks and Randal Graves reopen the Quick Stop.

He shares the same last name with the character Walt "The Fanboy" Grover. It is unknown whether the two are related.

Kevin Smith stated in a recent blog post that Elias was initially conceived as being "border-line retarded," but felt that Fehrman was "too good looking" and made the character extremely sheltered.[1]


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