Brandon Routhis an actor most famous for playing the role of Superman in the 2006 film Superman Returns. He plays Bobby Long in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Routh also appears in one of the Money Shots, in a mock take on co-star Justin Long's acting method.


when asked what his porn name would be

If I take my first pet and my street name … I don't know if the street name would really work because it would be Center. Otis Center. That would be my name. Is that hot? If I had an alternative name it would be John Doe. And nobody would know it was me.[1]


  • Kevin Smith admitted to some satisfaction in casting a Superman actor in a role as a gay porn star after years of having worked on a Superman script for Warner Brothers himself which was never used.[2] When Smith asked Routh if he had some sort of morals clause in his contract, being that he plays Superman, Routh answered, "What is this, 1940?" Newsweek Smith did try to add some Superman references into Routh's Zack and Miri scene, but Routh asked him to take them out. [3]
  • Routh became sick after kissing Justin Long during their scenes.[4]
  • It was Seth Rogen's idea to have Routh and Justin Long play a gay porn couple.[5]



Year Film Role Other notes
2006 Karla Tim Peters
Denial Man
Superman Returns Superman/Clark Kent
2008 Fling James
Zack and Miri Make a Porno Bobby Long
Life is Hot in Cracktown Sizemore
Table for Three Scott Teller
Miss Nobody Milo Beeber post-production


Year Film Role Other notes
1999 Odd Man Out Connor Williams Episode - "You've Got Female"
Undressed Wade
2001 Gilmore Girls "Hot" College Student
2001-2002 One Life to Live Seth Anderson
2003 Cold Case Young Henry Phillips Episode - "A Time to Hate"
2004 Will & Grace Sebastian Episode - "A Gay/December Romance"
Oliver Beene Brian Episode - "Dibs"
2005 Awesometown Officer Dino Wong
2006 The Batman John Marlowe/Everywhere Man]] Episode - The Everywhere Man
After Midnight: Life Behind Bars Willie Dawg Vaughn
2008 Fear Itself Bobby Episode - "Community"

Video gamesEdit

  • Superman Returns (2006) (voice) Superman/Clark Kent


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